Steve TaylorDear Friends and Neighbors,

Serving you the past six years has been a tremendous privilege. When I stepped forward to represent you, I understood there would be tough challenges, but I ran to make a difference. The residents of the 9th District wanted and deserved a better return on their tax dollars streaming into Milwaukee County. Since 2012, I’ve worked tirelessly toward financial equity that has resulted in bringing your money back home where it matters.

We know that Wisconsin is “Open for Business”. The undeveloped land in southern Milwaukee County is the prime geographic location to attract business from Illinois and the entire country. The proximity to downtown Milwaukee, the airport, the freeway, and Chicago make this one of the most valuable locations in the region. We need strong leadership and innovative ideas to leverage this valuable resource to the advantage of our County.

A strong County is one that is managed in a fiscally practical manner while prioritizing the quality-of-life features that make us a community we can be proud of. There is always more work to be done and a watchful eye is needed in government. I greatly appreciate the faith you have bestowed in me as your County Supervisor. You can be confident in my continued commitment toward Moving Milwaukee County Forward.

I’m counting on you to keep your voice strong. I ask that you consider my perseverance and dedication to you as you cast your VOTE on April 3rd.

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