Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In 2012, I ran to provide you representation that was clearly lacking from my predecessor, including the need for the 9th District to receive its fair share of the tax dollars that we send to Milwaukee County. Our county roads were in disrepair and crumbling and our parks were neglected. It has been a great privilege to serve you over the past 4 years. I have fulfilled my promises, but there is more work that needs to be done and I am committed to continue working hard for you.

The future of Milwaukee County lies in the southern portion. The growth and economic development needed for us to continue making Milwaukee County viable over the next 50 years will occur in the 9th district.

We know that Wisconsin is “Open for Business.” The undeveloped land in southern Milwaukee County is the prime geographic location to attract business from Illinois and the entire country. The proximity to downtown Milwaukee, the airport, the freeway, and Chicago make this one of the most valuable locations in the region. We need strong leadership and innovative ideas to leverage this valuable resource to the advantage of our County.

I am proud to call Milwaukee County my home and I want to help ensure that it continues to be managed in a fiscally prudent manner. I want to develop it into the type of community YOU want and I promise to give it all I have in order to continue moving Milwaukee County Forward.